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Crank it. Jig it. Troll it. Land it.

The SteelShad fishing lure is the most versatile lure on the market today. This dynamic blade bait imitates dying baitfish by swimming on either of its sides, on the surface, deep down or under weed and grass lines. No other blade bait can duplicate the intense vibrating action. Fish it in 6" or 60' of water to catch anything that swims!

Generate more strikes, catch more TROPHY fish in fresh and salt water including, but not limited to: Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Walleye, Musky, Northern Pike, Lake Trout, Brown Trout, Salmon, Stripers, Bluefish, Redfish, Speckled Trout, Snook, Snapper & anything else that swims.

 This lure will catch them all!

Crank It
  • Just as you would throw a spinnerbait or lipless crankbait, cast the SteelShad out and retrieve it back in just fast enough to feel the bait vibrating. When using this particular presentation in deeper water start by reeling in your SteelShad as soon as it hits the water. If you don't trigger any bites, cast the bait again, let it fall for 5 seconds, and then retrieve the bait. Continue to count down your bait with each cast until you get a bite. The fish will tell you how deep they want the bait. The SteelShad typically sinks at a rate of 1 foot per second, so this will help you to target suspended fish.
  • Many fish (including bass) frequently feed on schools of baitfish by pushing them to the surface, creating an appearance anglers often refer to as boiling water. Cast a SteelShad into a schooling frenzy and watch the magic happen!
Jig It
  • Drop it vertically and let it fall to the bottom, or the desired depth. Work it along the bottom, or the desired depth, by lifting your rod tip up 12 to 18 inches and then letting the lure fall. Pay close attention to your line as fish will often eat the bait on the fall.
Troll It
  • SteelShad runs great at a variety of trolling speeds. Including slow and at most depths.
  • SteelShad will run 1 to 5 feet deep without extra weight depending on the size and your speed.
  • To achieve optimal depth(s), you can troll SteelShad deeper using downriggers, planers and lead core line.
Bend It
  • You can bend SteelShad to fish in shallow water or to change it's action.
  • Bend at the “d” in SteelShad on the lure at a 45-degree angle for surface running
  • Bend at the “s” in SteelShad on the lure at a 90-degree angle for extreme right or left retrieval direction
  • Bend just behind the weight in a U style fashion to make it fish like a buzz bait
  • Bend back straight at any time for deep dives.
Land It!


What is SteelShad made out of?

  • SteelShad blade baits are constructed of durable, malleable, 440 grade stainless steel, there are no plastic parts.
  • The weight is either lead or tin, depending on the series.

Will changing out split rings to line clips change the action of the lure?

  • Line clips / Speed clips will allow the lure to run true. You'll be able to easily remove the split rings if you choose.
  • The Mini Series, Original Series, XL Series and XXL Series arrive equipped with split rings. The Elite Series and Heavy Series arrive with line clips.

What kind of hooks are used?

  • All of our blade baits come standard with VMC hooks. Find hook sizes on product listings. Hooks are coated with VMC® Permasteel®, this coating prevents signs of corrosion in saltwater for over 1000 hours.
  • The Elite Series uses VMC's Black Nickle hooks.
  • SteelShad's bent nose pliers can be used as a split-ring splitter and works well for switching hooks around.
  • We use treble and single VMC hooks, depending on the series.
  • It takes less than one minute to make the VMC hooks that come with SteelShad barbless. See how and why Wes David, host of Fishing The Wild West TV Show, turns SteelShad hooks barbless.

Why do the blade baits have two split-ring holes? How are the holes best utilized?

  • The two split ring holes offer increased control for depth and vibration. We've added multiple split-ring holes to give you more control over the action of your SteelShad. Change how you utilize this space for additional control. Moving the split-ring to the front hole will reduce the vibration and position it better for jigging. Leave it as is for best presentation during cranking or straight retrieves back.
  • SteelShad's bent nose pliers can be used as a split-ring splitter and works well for switching rings around.

Are the blade baits for shallow or deep water?

  • Both! SteelShad is designed to catch fish in 6 inches or 60 feet of water. It's the only blade bait you that can manipulate to run on the water's surface. The drop rate is typically 1 foot per second although it gets a bit faster as the lures get heavier.
  • The VMC hook coating mentioned above helps prevent rust and signs of corrosion when used in saltwater.

Are the blade baits for Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter fishing?

  • SteelShad blade baits will catch all types of game fish throughout four seasons. Depending on your target fish you can find tips and videos for fishing each season on our News and Articles page on the website under About Us.

What if I do not know what type of baitfish are in my local waters?

  • SteelShad blade baits mimic injured or dying baitfish. Ideally you want to best match the color of the baitfish that the fish you are trying to catch are eating. All SteelShad will throw off intense vibrations with minimal effort. If you are not sure what patterns to get, we suggest that you start with the Gold and Silver/Chrome. They are fish-catching staples for every tackle box across the US.

Do we offer sponsorships or field staff opportunities?

  • We do not have a formal program in place. We do appreciate the support, welcome all feedback and love to hear your success stories. You can find us on social media using @SteelShadLures to tag us and share pictures.

Extra Tips

  • To achieve the best presentation of our bait we recommend tying directly to your line using a palomar knot. This will increase the vibration during your retrieve vs. using a leader.