September Dealer Update

September Dealer Update

Posted by Team SteelShad on Oct 1st 2019

Spotlight Dealers

Fat Nancy’s- Pulaski, NY- Find 6 patterns of the new 1/2 oz. Heavy Series here including Purple, WonderBread, Chrome, Perch, SexyShad and Trout. Find 7 color patterns in the Original 3/8 oz. Series here, too!

Fish307- Lake George, NY- Find most of SteelShad’s entire lure line up here! They carry 1/4 oz., 3/8 oz., 1/2 oz., 3/4 oz. and the 3/8 oz. Elite Series (lead free version) in the area’s most popular color patterns. Find the new purple color here too, along with our Topwater Series.

Vance Outdoors- Hebron, Ohio- Vance is stocked up on the season’s must-gets! Heavy Series 1/2 oz. and Mini Series 1/4 oz. are available in a wide selection of color patterns. Find Perch, Gold, KentuckyShad and TennesseeShad there now!

Dattilio’s Gun &Tackle- Burlington, VT- WonderBread and purple patterns can be found here in 1/2 oz. and 3/8 oz. You can also grab SexyShad in 4 different sizes at Dattilio’s.

Perkins Outdoors-Florence, AL – The stock what works in The Original 3/8 oz. including Silver, Gold, SexyShad, KentuckyShad, TennesseeShad and WhiteShad.

All Seasons Sports-Pulaski, NY – The new 1/2 oz. Heavy Series has arrived, find it in 7 patterns plus The Original 3/8 oz. Series baits in Trout, Perch, KentuckyShad and YellowShad are stocked up for fall fishing.

Midway Marine-Fulton, MS- The gang is stocked up on Silver/Chrome. Midway just introduced the new 1/2 oz. Heavy Series to their lineup of well stocked 3/8 oz. SteelShad.