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June & July  Dealer Update

June & July Dealer Update

Posted by Team SteelShad on Aug 5th 2019

New Dealers

Clyde’s Sport Shop-Halethorpe, MD - Clyde’s carries Silver, Gold and SexyShad in 3 different sizes including 1/4 oz., 1/2 oz. and 3/8 oz. plus Perch/Firetiger and Red/Craw in Mini and Original. You can also find SteelShad topwater at the store!

D&R SportingGoods – Thunder Bay, Ontario - Find 5 patterns in 1/4 oz. Mini Series, 8 patterns in 3/8 oz. Original Series, 3 patterns in 3/4 oz. XL Series and both Silver and Gold in 2 oz. XXL Series! They even carry Pearl, Bluegill and Goby SteelShad swimbaits in 4.5” and Pearl in 6”.

Lake of the WoodsSports Headquarters – Winnipeg, Manitoba - This brand-new storefront location is stocked with SexyShad, Silver and Gold in 1/4 oz., 3/8 oz. and 3/4 oz. SteelShad baits.

Spotlight Dealers

Perkins Outdoors-Florence, AL - Silver, SexyShad, KentuckyShad, TennesseeShad and WhiteShad in 3/8 oz. and 3/4 oz. are fully stocked.

Jays Midlake Bait andTackle- Liberty, IN - The store carries what works! The Original 3/8 oz. Series in an assortment of colors are up on the shelves!

Scheels- Johnstown,CO - Stocked up on 1/4 oz. Mini Series and 3/8 oz. Original Series.

Sports Hub- NewAlbany, MS - Find 9 patterns of the New 1/2 oz. Heavy Series, 7 patterns of the 1/4 oz. Mini Series plus Purple, TennesseeShad, SexyShad and Trout in the 3/8 oz. Original size.

Big Fish Outfitters-Lenoir City, TN - Find all the staple patterns in 3/4 oz. XL Series and 3/8 oz. Original Series plus some brand-new additions as of this month, Silver/Chrome, Gold and SexyShad in 1/4 oz. Mini Series and 1/2 oz. Heavy Series!

Rockport Tackle Town-Rockport, TX - Stocked up on ALL 5 sizes in a wide variety of patterns. Gold and Silver are excellent choices in the area!

The Tackle Box- Clarksville, TN - Find YellowShad, TennesseeShad and KentuckyShad in 3/8 oz. stocked up in Clarksville.