INDUSTRY NEWS: Solid as Steel

INDUSTRY NEWS: Solid as Steel

Posted by Traditions Media, LLC on Oct 22nd 2020

SteelShad Fishing Company Teams with Traditions Media
New communications partnership paves way for innovative product releases to help anglers catch like the pros
East Dorset, Vermont (October 22, 2020) – Following a year filled with successes despite a world-wide pandemic in 2020, the SteelShad Fishing Company has partnered with outdoors industry strategic marketing and communications leader, Traditions Media, to get the word out on their innovative, easy-to-use and fish-catching bladebaits.

“I’m truly excited for the SteelShad brand and the rapid growth our business has experienced over the past year,” says company CEO, Kevin Lewis. “Designed and perfected by highly skilled anglers who are on the water daily, our SteelShad bladebaits are easy to use, super-productive and catch a wide range of species in both freshwater and saltwater environments. Whether you’re targeting bass, muskie, pike, walleye or trout in your favorite honey hole or hitting the flats, back bays and open ocean waters for stripers, redfish and snook, these lures cast a country mile and feature a furious, built-in vibrating action fish just can’t resist. That action is the result of a lure shape so unique it has recently received trademark protection.”

SteelShad bladebaits are so productive some anglers consider them “secret weapons,” the kind you keep under wraps. “But we want everyone to try them,” says Lewis with a chuckle, “so we’ve teamed-up with Traditions Media because we want every angler to know our baits make fishing simple, easy and fun. Long story short: anglers love the SteelShad because ‘Fish Bite It!’”

Teaming-up with Traditions Media proved an easy choice for the SteelShad team, reveals Lewis. “We know that Traditions is highly respected in the fishing industry, and we know they already work with several trusted brands. Everything we’ve seen from them has been top shelf. “

Stephen Price, President and CFO of SteelShad agrees. “Hiring Traditions seems like a great fit. We’ve been watching their material and talking about teaming-up with them for over a year, so it’s been an easy decision. We really appreciate how their staff knows the fishing game, both on the water and behind the scenes. We love how their press releases and social media tell a story and provide anglers specific tips and tactics while imparting product information. They write with greater depth and more detail than other communications companies we’ve researched, so anglers get ideas for their next fishing trip from every piece they read. You can really tell their staff spends a lot of time on the water and in the woods. You can’t beat that first-hand experience.”

That true outdoors experience seeps down from the top says Traditions Media President, Noel Vick. “For me, this is a back to the future moment. I’ve fished bladebaits for years, including classics like the Reef Runner Cicada and Heddon Sonar. But I can tell you that nothing reverberates and elicits strikes like a SteelShad. The action is intense. I’ve never felt a lure that vibrates like this before, whether cast or trolled.”

Vick continues: “There are numbers of new entries in the reborn bladebait category, most predicated on cosmetics and finishes. Don’t be fooled by SteelShad’s outwardly simple looks, though. It’s the best performer. The function of a bladebait is to emit the most sonic vibrations and flash when it rolls from side to side. That’s SteelShad. Can fish really see all that wasted detail when a bladebait rips through the water? The answer is no. SteelShad invests its resources in building the best performing bait, not window dressing that’s aimed solely at looking fancy in the packaging.”

That, says Lewis, is the kind of first-hand information SteelShad wants to get out to the public. “How well our products work is acknowledged by the retailers that are backing them and putting them on their shelves to help every angler catch like a pro. We’ve made great strides on our own and we’ve been looking for the right partner to help us get the word out in a more amplified way: “Any Depth, Any Fish, Any Season.” With Traditions helping us to better spread our message across all media platforms, there’s nothing that can hold us back.”
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In 2016, three best friends partnered together with Captain Steve Niemoeller to launch the SteelShad Fishing Company nationwide. The SteelShad fishing lure was designed and perfected by anglers and guides who are on the water every day. Captain Steve is a fulltime fishing guide in Florida, and he says, "Once you catch your first trophy fish on a SteelShad, it's hard to go back to other baits." Together, we are bringing innovative SteelShad fishing lures, apparel and gear to anglers nationwide. The SteelShad Fishing Company is based in East Dorset, Vermont. SteelShad lures and fishing gear are widely available in stores nationwide and online.


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