Glow Series

Glow Series Fishing Lures

1/4 oz. Weight | (2) #12 VMC Permasteel hooks | 1-3/4" 

1/2 oz. Weight | (2) #8 VMC Black Nickle hooks | 2-1/4" 

Low light? Dark night? No bites?

Same wild vibrations and intense throbbing actions - just brighter!  Enhance strike frequency day and night, in overcast weather, during early mornings and late evenings, as well as fishing in dark, low-light, muddy, and deep waters. Great for ice fishing too!

The glow effect is charged in an instant by sunlight or any other light source. During the day, each lift of your rod will allow the natural sunlight to provide a long-lasting luminescent charge to keep the lures glowing below the water's surface. During low light or nighttime conditions, a flashlight can quickly recharge the lures between casts.

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