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October 2017

Central Florida Lakes / Lake Logan Martin, Al

10/31/17- With Florida river and lake levels back down, fishing has improved. We are finding success tossing the 3/8 ounce silver blade around schooling fish in central Florida lakes. You can see photos on our Facebook Page that both the silver/blue and silver/yellow poppers from our topwater series, have also been producing monster catches in Florida! Toward the end of the month we took a trip to Lake Logan Martin. It was unbelievable! We were boating 60-125 bass per day on the original 3/8 oz. gold and silver baits. But then…the fist new SexyShad was taken out of the package. Talk about matching the hatch. The baitfish found in the lake here looked exactly like the new pattern that was just released. The weather was cloudy and chilly for two of the six days. The bite was on everyday. Thank you to Alabama for an excellent visit!

September 2017

St. Johns River / Harris Chain / Lake Toho / Butler Chain

9/28/17- Irma forced us to take a few days off. Her aftermath has put a stall on fishing the St. Johns River. The levels are too high, water is still out of its banks. The river is shut down to only idle around buildings in hopes that no homes get damaged with wakes. There has been a fish kill including bass, specks and a lot of other species living in the river. Last report from FWC was that the river did crest on 9/25. We are so thankful it is finally on its way down, recovery will be great.

The Harris Chain on the other hand, although high, has been having some great fishing. Just because the river is currently not fishable we have still be having success on Toho and the Butler Chain, too.

Stay on it, fishing friends! Florida currently has some excellent fishing in spite of Irma.

August 2017

St. Johns River / Harris Chain / Lake Toho

8/9/17- It’s a little warm here in Florida. Water temps have been consistently  in the mid to high 80’s and bass are feeding! They continue to school on small baits in the river as well as other central Florida lakes. If you cannot see the schools, keep an eye out for where the birds are diving…then toss some steelshad there. When they are not schooling we have been finding success running the blade bait at the edge of the weed lines. Bass will ambush it as it swims parallel to them. If you prefer to fish deep in this heat, no problem. Even if you have bent one lure multiple times you can manipulate your blade back straight, to get it to the bottom to catch some of the more inactive bass.

May 2017

St. Johns River

5/8/17- Largemouth bass and hybrid stripers have been fired up out on the river! They are actively feeding on the menhaden and small bait fish. SteelShad has been killing it when they are both schooling in feeding frenzies. If a wind coming from the north is strong, it will slow the flow or back the river up when this happens. They wont feed much or at all, but if there is a flow look for the bass and stripers to be in the middle of the river, especially around the bends. With water temperatures in the 80’s you will want the sun shining, this has been bringing the bait to the surface. We have been having days this month of more than 20 fish caught within a four hour trip. If you don’t see any schooling up on top you can drop your SteelShad over the side of the boat about a foot or so and jig, this eye catching flashy action technique will lure them in.

March 2017

St. Johns River

3/13/17- We have been busy, on and off the water. We apologize for the brief absence of reporting. Fishing on the river (water temps low 70s) has been exciting with bass spawning. Stripers and largemouth bass are active throughout the day, especially towards late afternoon. We have found success where schooling is happening near the south end of Lake George and around Astor. Top water baits, SteelShad and wild shiners are being thrown in those areas as well as on Lake Toho. Around the jetty’s has been fun as well.

September 2016

St. Johns River & Harris Chain of Lakes

9/9/16- The river has risen since tropical storm Hermine came through. We were hoping the high water would make fishing better but the debris made it more difficult. Still hooked some big bass though! Took some scouting but they were found. Out on the Harris Chain the water has risen also. Bass were found pushed up back in the grass, on the outer edges, a little deeper which made flipping better than when the water was down. Tapout made by BassAssassin Lures were used this week using mostly 3/8 oz weights. Repeat Bass Online guest, Bill hooked a nice 5 pounder out on the boat with Steve.

August 2016

St. Johns River, Lake Toho & Ponce Inlet

8/14/16- We have been finding success in the river this week using small crank baits under wood pilings. Wild shiners are continuously catching largemouth bass up to 6 pounds everyday. Hybrid stripers with a mix of largemouth are schooling on sunny days. Tossing a silver SteelShad has hooked some decent sized bass, especially while schooling. Bass have also been caught on both the river and the lake flipping heavy weight TapOut lures from Bass Assassin. Toho has been good using both wild shiners and artificial lures.

8/24/16- The inlet was FUN today! Fooled a nice Jack Craville on a silver SteelShad. Also brought in bonnet head shark, many mangrove snapper, redfish and sheephead on shrimp.

July 2016

St. Johns River, Lake Toho & Ponce Inlet

7/31/16- Out on Toho we were using wild shiners and Bass Assassin Alewife twitchbaits which proved to both be successful 7 days straight. Bass were found out in open water and along some deep weed lines. At the river we watched lots of schooling hybrids. Topwater baits and SteelShad lures were fooling them most of the week. We had a guest from Ireland catch a Jack Craville on a silver SteelShad. It worked well in the salt all day. Also caught a few fish on the fly and using shrimp.

7/22/16- Even with water temperatures in the river above 90 degrees this week fishing has been awesome! Hybrid stripers were chasing bait toward the middle of the river. We caught them on SteelShad and top water lures. Largemouth were hanging at the grassline edges along the main channel of the river. Bream day brought families out, we fooled a few nice ones off the beds.

7/15/16- Hybrid stripers are providing lots of fun on the river! They were caught this week on SteelShad, top water, flukes and shallow running lipped baits. Largemouth are eating wild shiners, fed under the florida mats as well as trolling the bait. We had success on Lake Toho doing the same. Just find the hydrilla edge and troll them along. We have seen bass up to 4 pounds trolling this week. Tarpon are still rolling in at Ponce Inlet.

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