About Us

The SteelShad Fishing Company makes fishing simple, easy and fun. Anglers love the SteelShad because Fish Bite It!

In 2016, three best friends partnered together with Captain Steve Niemoeller to launch the SteelShad Fishing Company nationwide. The SteelShad fishing lure was designed and perfected by Anglers and Guides whom are on the water every day. Captain Steve is a full-time fishing guide in Florida and he says, "Once you catch your first trophy fish on a SteelShad, it's hard to go back to other baits."
Pro Anglers are discovering SteelShad as well! Jay Yelas , 2002 BassMaster Classic Champion, says he likes to fish SteelShad because, "Fish just bite it! It's a fun lure to fish because so many species of gamefish will eat the SteelShad. It's a very versatile lure and a must-have for my tackle box."
The SteelShad Fishing Company is based in Salt Lake City, Utah. SteelShad is available in stores nationwide and online.