About Us - SteelShad

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Steel Shad bass fishing lures simply land more fish and know no limitations. Fished, tested and perfected throughout all states by anglers, for anglers who know no limitations as well. Our goal is to make you to feel as comfortable as us about Steel Shad lures. If it is about swinging steel, bending your lure or any other topics please ask. We have provided detailed reading material to make your lure your own but please feel free to ask about any questions. We are all about being here for you and we will contact you right back if needed.

SteelShad’s elongated body style, 3/8oz weight and unique malleable steel constantly produces more strikes, in more water, year round unlike your typical blade bait.

Carefully crafted and endorsed by full-time Florida fishing guide Captain Steve Niemoeller in the Fishing Capital of the World. Designed by Blake Gills for you to get the job done in your local waters.

Whether you have thrown a SteelShad before or not, at least one of these lures should be your box’s go-to. Get the upper hand and land more fish! Steel Shad is the most dynamic lure for of course deep water, but also perfect for extremely shallow bait fishing…Don’t miss out!

Our passion is to share this design for anglers everywhere to enjoy out on your hometown waters.

Steve is a full time fishing guide for BassOnline.com read his full story here.

We thank you and look forward to hearing from you.

See you on the water, happy fishing -Steve