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2019 Gift Guide


We have taken the guesswork out of finding the perfect gift for the angler in your life. SteelShad gift packs include all the baits you need to catch game fish year-round. 

Looking for something unique? Our college series includes your favorite College team on an officially licensed fishing lure!

Don't forget, SteelShad also sells Gear for spinning reels, fishing line, apparel, other gift packs options, and blade baits to match any size bait fish! 

Gift Certificates are also available year-round! 

  • Swimbait - 6 inch - Bluegill (3pk)

    Swimbait - 6 inch - Bluegill (3pk)

    The SteelShad Swimbait Series in Bluegill, 6 inches long. Sold in a 3 pack with a single 3/8th oz. tin alloy jig head. Molded with a split belly for easy rigging, the soft flexible plastic tail has a lifelike action that gets you the bite!   

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  • SteelShad Lunker Gift Pack SteelShad 50/50 Dry Blend Black T-shirt with SteelShad logo on the front, "Fish Bite It" across the back.

    SteelShad Lunker Gift Pack - Save 5%

    For a limited time save an extra 5% using coupon code: giftcard5 We have taken the guess work out of how to put together an excellent gift for your favorite angler or for yourself. Pick a T-shirt size and receive 10 SteelShad Lures to use...

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  • Hatch Matched

    SteelShad Mini - 1/4 oz - Sexy Shad (2pk)

    The SteelShad® Mini 1/4 oz. blade bait in our Sexy Shad pattern is 1 3/4 inches long, made from durable stainless steel with a molded lead weight, and feature two #12 VMC Permasteel hooks that are coated for both fresh and salt water fishing. Jig...

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  • SteelShad Fishing Towel - 3 Pack

    SteelShad Fishing Towel - 3 Pack

    The SteelShad Fishing Towel - The best way to save your hands, and pants, from fish slime of any kind.  Our microfiber towels each come with their own carabiner clip so you can put it where you need it for that quick grab. Each fishing towel is...

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  • SteelShad Topwater Gift Pack SteelShad Topwater Gift Pack - Save 5%

    SteelShad Topwater Gift Pack - Save 5%

    For a limited time save an extra 5% using coupon code: giftcard5 Everyone Loves Our Topwater Lures! Start your favorite angler, or yourself, off with our new line of easy to use floating lures. A perfect array of baits making a perfect topwater...

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